New Mobility World

New Mobility World


including vehicle sharing, ride sharing, parking services, contextual location-based services etc.

New Mobility World® is a registered Trademark of New Mobility World Inc.

New Mobility World® Core Themes

Source: New Mobility Lab adapted from Porter and Heppelmann (2014)

Human Centric

including smart city technologies such as intermodal transportation planning, intelligent traffic management, smart homes, intelligent infrastructure etc.


including battery technology, charging infrastructure, alternative energies, fleet management, new material science etc.


including software and hardware platforms / infotainment and related apps, connected vehicle services, connectivity and infrastructure solutions, HMI, vehicle interior, IoT and smart sensors, etc.Type your paragraph here.

As humans we create the future – for better or worse. Let’s work together to create a future that we can all look forward to.


including advanced driver assistance systems, automated and autonomous driving technologies, automated parking, etc.

From Product to System-of-Systems

Inside the Future of mobility and transportation 

We recognize that the future of mobility is in our hands. What should the New Mobility World® look like to create healthy businesses and economies that are environmentally sustainable and create opportunities for everybody? What is the role of New Mobility™ in fostering individual freedom and thriving democratic societies? How can we protect the precious resources of our planet and create a healthy living environment for future generations?